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Friday, November 22, 2013

Ever, Jane and EVER NEAR

Oh, hi!   If you've been following my blog tour, or just generally my life at all, you've probably noticed me mention an author named Elizabeth Corrigan more than once or twice.   Elizabeth turned me on to my first publisher, Red Adept.  She's also the author of ORACLE OF PHILADELPHIA, which features the amazing character chaos demon Bedlam.

After an insane contribution to the Ever, Jane Kickstarter project, the intrepid Ms. Corrigan is offering you (yes, YOU!) the opportunity to marry Bedlam.  Check out the whole story here!

Oh, but speaking of Ever, Jane that reminds me of a similar-sounding project: EVER NEAR.  Did you remember I was in a Review Rumble with EVER NEAR?  Don't forget to "vote" by writing a review for one of us.  And by "one of us" I mean BRAINEATER JONES.

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