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Friday, May 2, 2014

10x10x10 (Shakespeare Question Game With Cassie Cox, Line Editor of BRAINEATER JONES)

When Cassie Cox, the line editor of BRAINEATER JONES, generously agreed to last week's interview I set out to write between six and ten questions.  However, I knew that Cassie was a Shakespeare scholar and by the time I had written two about Shakespeare I realized what I REALLY wanted to do was a whole second interview about that.  Luckily, Cassie agreed!  So I wrote down the ten most complicated questions I could come up with (limiting myself to ten words) and forced Cassie to answer also in ten words.  Enjoy!

The Bard of Avalon

10x10x10: Shakespeare

Should OTHELLO really be called IAGO?

Either way works for me.

What is Shakespeare’s worst play?

To me? Titus Andronicus. I don’t like bloodbaths.

Was MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM a critique of superstitious people?

Midsummer Night’s Dream was a reflection of a superstitious people.

Best Shakespeare villain.

Richard III. Sexiest. Proposal. Ever.

Is Hamlet really crazy?


Four hundred years later why should I care about Shakespeare?

Because he’s a brilliant wordwright.

With inflation, what’s a pound of flesh worth today?

As much as someone is willing to pay for it

What’s up with second person pronouns in early modern England?

Would you like to read my thesis?

What does “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” mean?

A heck of a lot if you’re studying meter.

Why is Shakespeare such a hack?

You’ve been talking to my husband.

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