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Friday, August 7, 2015

Shore Leave 37!

Oh, hai guys!  I'm going to be at Shore Leave 37 all this weekend!  If you live in the Baltimore area, why not swing on by?  Legendary sci-fi author Mary Fan and I will be in the Dealer's Room all weekend, except for when we're speaking at panels.  So come on out, get a book, get a signature, chat us up, whatever you want.  Hope to see you there!


Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, August 7-9


The Hunt Valley Inn
245 Shawan Rd., Hunt Valley, MD 21031


Friday 4:00 pm, Derby Room - "Writing Groups and Beta Readers: How to Give and Receive Criticism"
Saturday 12:00 noon, Derby Room - "Publishing: The Good, The Bad, and The Indie"
Saturday 2:00 pm, Derby Room - "Generations Geek: Families and Fandom"
Saturday 3:00 pm, Salon E - "Military fiction vs. Real Military Life"
Saturday 5:00 pm, Chase Room - "Brave New Girls"
Sunday 10:00 am - "Canon or Not: Tie-Ins’ Relation to Source Material"
Sunday 2:00 pm, Salon E - "Switching It Up: Writing Different Kinds of Books"

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