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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Hey everybody!  Since shit is expensive all over the good folks at Severed Press have decided to give you (yes, you!) a break and put BILLY AND THE CLONEASAURUS on sale for only 99¢!  And if you're on Kindle Unlimited, guess what?  It's 100% free.

The sale ends tomorrow (as in Thursday) at 3:00 am EST, so you only have about 15 hours.  Better strike while the iron's hot!

Not convinced?  Well, why listen to me?  Listen to some respected reviewers:

"Billy and the Cloneasaurus is a complex, thought-provoking story that is oddly inspiring. Kozeniewski is a rich voice that booms over his peers. I am coming to think of him as the closest thing to the reincarnation or spiritual successor of Ray Bradbury."
- David Sharp, Horror Underground

"The story is a great blend of humour and philosophical thought, it is utterly un-pretentious and may well have made my list of ‘books to buy in paperback’ for that hypothetical bookshelf I plan on having in the next few months."

"Because the real story is just TOO FREAKIN’ BRILLIANT. It grabbed me from the first page and held me in such rapt fascination that I was almost halfway through and utterly hooked before the cloneasaurus itself appeared and reminded me, “oh yeah, there’s that, too!”"
- Christine Morgan, The Horror Fiction Review

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