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Monday, November 21, 2016

A Conversation Which Must Have Taken Place Offscreen During "Star Trek: Generations"

Kirk:  So you say we can go back to any time and place?

Picard: Yes. We're going back to ten minutes before Soran blows up the star.

Kirk:  Wait, wait.  Hang on.  We can go anywhere in time and space.  Why don't we go back to before Soran blew up any of the stars?  Well, hell, I mean, we could go back to before he entered the Nexus in the first place.  Or, I don't know, abort him as a baby.

Picard: No, no. Then we're messing with history.

Kirk:  We're already messing with history.  If all we do is save this one star, that's millions of people who will live who didn't before.  That's going to change billions of things about history.

Picard: Look, we're going to ten minutes before Soran blows up the star, and that's final.

Kirk:  All right, all right.  So what's the plan once we get there?

Picard: Well, this time there will be two of us.

Kirk:  Right.  So the plan is...

Picard: Well, I don't really have a plan.

Kirk:  Okay, so we're just going to double team this guy and hope everything pans out.  Can we get some other guys to help?

Picard: No. No other help.

Kirk:  Look, we can go anywhere in time and space, we could go an hour before shit starts, get some guys...

Picard: No. No other guys.

Kirk:  Can we have guns at least?

Picard: No. Look. We're going back to ten minutes before the star blows up. Just you and me. We're going to double team him with no plan, and everything will be fine.

Kirk:  Look, is there going to be another Enterprise in the future?

Picard: Presumably yes.

Kirk:  I know I said I wouldn't question the captain of the Enterprise, but do you think we could ask him for his thoughts?

Picard: Or "her."

Kirk:  Wow, you're allowed to have lady captains in the future?

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