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Friday, November 11, 2016

Happy Veteran's Day!

Today is a good, albeit often lonely day for me.  I don't think a whole lot of people get Veteran's Day off.  Certainly none of my family ever did.  I've benefited from (with the exception of about a year at a godawful call center) working for the federal government all my adult life, so I've always gotten Veteran's Day off.

While I was still in the army Golden Corral used to offer a free meal, and we used to wait in line, even when it went around the block, which it often did, especially in a military town.  Nowadays I usually flit to a few different places for lunch, dinner, and coffee and so forth depending on what they're offering.  As I said, it usually means I'm alone, which is a little sad, but I feel like if this is the day of the year when a few businesses want to show their appreciation, I should probably take advantage.

For a few years I tried to make a spree of it, seeing how many different places I could hit, but ultimately I just wasn't enjoying that.  I had made it into a scavenger hunt and it started to make me feel kind of icky, like I was taking advantage.  Nowadays I'm just of the mind, "Okay, I'll get a free meal or two.  No need to cram a year's worth of veteran deals into a single afternoon."

How about you?  How are you spending yours?  Did you contact your veteran friends and family?  Go to Arlington?  Watch war movie on TMC all day?

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