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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Horror Show With Brian Keene Episode : Give It Away Now

Hey everybody!

If you're a longtime reader, you've probably gathered my thoughts on the whole "don't work for exposure" controversy, most explicitly from this post but also a little bit from this one and sprinklings among others.

So I've been pitching this controversy as a discussion topic to my friends at The Horror Show for a little while now and this week we finally did it!  Filmmaker Mike Lombardo joined Dave, Brian, and I for a round table discussion on working for free, working for barter, and all the ins and outs of a fairly complicated issue which the internet has reduced, in its customary style, to a meme.  I think it really turned out well and I hope you enjoy it.

(If this embed isn't working for you, the direct link to Project Entertainment is here and The Horror Show website is here.  Oh, and while we're at it, you should probably give their FB page a like.  They're about a hair's breadth from 1000 followers.)

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