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Friday, January 27, 2017

Revisiting Women in Horror Month 2016

Hey everybody!  I'm about to clock out for the next 28 days, because February is...

Dun dun dun dun!

Women in Horror Month!

As I'll discuss on Monday, WiHM is a bit hokey and maybe mildly controversial, but if the worst outcome of it is that you meet a few great horror authors you might not have heard of otherwise, I consider it a net positive.

Last year was a smashing success in terms of blog traffic, and it featured all of the women in the genre that I consider dear friends and would do anything for.  (If you're a regular visitor, you'll probably recognize their names, no doubt.)  But I decided this year to give you a whole new slate of authors, editors, actors, and the like.  So before we jump into WiHM 2017, why not take a few minutes this weekend to go back and peruse last year's participants?  Then, like I said, on Monday we'll talk about some of the controversy around WiHM, then starting Wednesday you won't have to listen to me ramble again for a month.  Again: net positive.

Ursula K. Raphael
A. Giacomi
Lily Luchesi
Sharon Stevenson
Samantha Kolesnik
E.M. MacCallum
J. Rudolph
Rachel Aukes
The Sisters of Slaughter
Rhiannon Frater
Chantal Noordeloos
Trista M. Borgwardt
Tonia Brown
J.L. Murray
Rebecca Snow
C.A. Hoaks
Vanessa Ionta Wright
Stevie Kopas
Renee Pickup
Erin Sweet al-Mehairi

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