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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chapter 76, Part 14

Colonel Bura Karakoram spotted a group of Americans who were not in the uniforms of paratroopers. The whole battle was very chaotic, but peculiar things were still peculiar. Most likely those Americans were the saboteurs. She could see no other reason for them to be in other uniforms. Two of them were in Air Force uniforms. Were they downed fighter pilots?

She had been told that it was imperative to kill the saboteurs who had blown up the armory in order for the Mongolian Empire to save face. There was great animosity towards spies and partisans in Mongolia.

“Saboteurs!” she cried out, pointing.

The single word seemed to rile up her troops. Like waves crashing in an ocean of bodies, dozens of the Mongols descended upon the saboteurs. Bura led the incursion herself. There were only a few of them, but they had been holding off the poorly armed Mongols well until now.

She was trying to incite her troops to attack. She was screaming battle cries and waving her sword in the air. The other Mongols were following behind her closely, lusting for revenge for the infringement on Mongolian soil. They were like a pack of wolves charging forward, and Bura was their Alpha.

The colonel charged at the two Air Force men. She yelled out the loudest war cry she had ever uttered, and struck the younger man in the jugular. He fell forward and his AS gun clattered from his hands. The older man fell backwards and dropped his gun, yelling something out in English. Bura ignored them and continued rushing forward.

A flamethrower handler seemed to leap out of nowhere. Bura turned around as he screamed something in English, then opened fire on the Mongols, literally. Karakoram was struck by the flames, and fell to the ground. In her last moments of consciousness she saw one of her injured soldiers pick up the AS gun of the dead saboteur and fire wildly at the flamethrower handler. The shells struck his fuel tank and the man exploded into a fireball.

With that, Bura promptly fell unconscious. She was dragged by her troops to the field hospital. She would not see any more battle.

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