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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Last War: Chapter 76, Part 18

Beshu dove into the leaves and snow of the forest floor. Behind him a tank exploded with a tiny atomic detonation. He had set the charge which had blown the tank. He leapt to his feet and scrambled away as fast as he could. An instant later enemy aircraft combed the area he had been in seconds before with flak.

He leapt into a little ditch and took an instant to catch his breath. He had to keep on hitting the Allies again and again until they were beaten. It was what he knew how to do.

His expression broke when there came a beep at his side. Urgently he tore the radio transmitter out of its holster and put it to his mouth and ear.

"What is it?" he whispered hastily.

"Stop fighting! Repeat, stop fighting, all commandos!"

It was Jagatai. Beshu flung the radio transmitter to the ground and took off again, like a shot. The area was strafed again from above. The Allies were very good at detecting radio transmissions, which was why commandos used radios only in last ditch situations.

This was very disturbing news. Beshu tapped out orders for his men to leave on the tactile transmitter as he began to stalk angrily back to Jagatai's base camp.

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