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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Hussar 2

It was a stunning victory that day on the river Vonne. A dragoon had managed to stop a large English charge. The river Vonne was on the Franco-German border, and easily accesible to English troops. So though a victory had been won today, dread set in on the staunch hussars on the Vonne.

"Do you suppose they'll be back tomorrow?" asked the young, inexperienced hussar, Jacques de Ris.

No one in particular answered. They all knew the answer. Nothing stopped the English war machine. They'd be back tomorrow. They might even be back later tonight. They'd want revenge for their fallen comrades.

The sun slowly set over the river, dazzling the river with a pyrotechnics show the likes of which none of the hussars had ever seen. Night fell like a blanket over the landscape, and stars began to dot the sky. Fear fell like a blanket over the men's hearts, and uncertainties began to dot their souls.

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