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Friday, June 18, 2010

A Modest(er) Proposal

Do you folks like gambling? I like gambling. Gambling doesn't like me back, but I like gambling.

I've got a proposal for you. I've been very reticent lately about doing anything with the blog for two reasons:

a) the reasons I described in this post, and

b) the next manuscript up on the chopping block is, well, embarassing

It's not embarassingly bad (although it's also that.) It's embarassing for other reasons. Like the reason why I wrote it. And the content. And what it's about. Ahem.

So, here's my proposal to you, my adoring public. If you want to see HELL AND BLOOD (yes, that's what it's called) to include full commentary and the dark secret behind its origin (that's right, anonymous commenter carlmacs, I used the possesive correctly in this instance) then all you have to do is help me break 400,000 hits by Monday.

That's it. That's my wager. I'm sorry I don't have anything more substantive to offer other than my public humiliation. Right now, according to my counter, we are at 389,446 hits. 400K seems a modest goal, if ever there was one. Recommend a few friends prowl through the archives. Just sit and hit refresh on your browser window 10,500 times. I don't care how we get there. But if we get there, I will immediately begin posting HELL AND BLOOD on Monday, including the somewhat lengthy and slef-pillorying source of this manuscript.

Here's the flipside. If we remain in the dreadful doldrums of the 300Ks come 12:00 am EST 21 June 2010, HELL AND BLOOD goes in the vault. Permanently. It will never see the light of day, not even for the nominal death of a burned manuscript. And, as a further punishment, you all receive one extra week of my ridiculous delaying tactics rather than an actual mansuscript. Painful, I know, but those are the risks you run when you gamble.

So. Any takers? Get that counter rolling like a slot machine.

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