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Friday, February 18, 2011

Manuscripts Burn: The Blog That Saves You $$$ (Redux!)

Thinking of seeing Liam Neeson Yells The Movie's Premise this weekend? (Oops, sorry. Wrong link. I actually meant Taken II: The Dumbening Down.) Well, to be fair, it did score higher on Rotten Tomatoes than Boy, Adam Sandler Keeps Getting Older But His Love Interests Stay the Same Age. So, what does the Manuscripts Burn movie critic think of all this?

Well, I was going to be a dick and "spoil" the movie by revealing the lazy man's M. Night Shyamalan-style twist which would have saved you otherwise having to go see it. But, to be frank, even twisted, bitter old Redleg isn't that big of a dick. I won't "ruin" the ending for you. (The director took care of that for me. Zing!) So, I will say this: in all fairness, I could really sympathize with the main character, except, instead of having my whole life stolen, I just feel like I had two hours of my life stolen.

Don't see this moronic movie.

There, I just saved you nine fucking dollars.

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