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Friday, November 9, 2012

3 Reasons Everyone (Even Republicans) Should Be Happy About the Election

As long as I broke my (not very) sacrosanct rule about not blogging about politics on Monday, I may as well break it again today.  (I’ve found that election day is a lot like Halloween.  Most of the year people consider it in poor taste to talk about blood and guts and gruesomeness, but on Halloween it’s okay.  Same thing for election day and politics.  So, I’m taking advantage while it’s still that season.)
I think I wasn’t too partisan on Monday, was I?  It’s probably fairly obvious where my loyalties lie*, but I tried not to be partisan on Monday and I’ll try again today.  Because there are some interesting things that will/have come out of the 2012 election that I think are worth noting, but I have to preface this by saying that Republicans and conservatives won’t appreciate this post right now.  I think in a few years they will, when the immediacy and emotional sting are gone.  So this post is for everybody, but it’s for Independents and Democrats right now and for Republicans more like in 2013.

Anyway, all of that is a preface for me saying that I think there are three really positive things that came out of this election, none of which are related to policy issues (in other words, if the outcome had been reversed and the sides had been reversed, I still hold this would be true.)  So let’s run through them real quick.

1.  Obstructionism Doesn't Work

2.  Votes of No-Confidence Don't Work

3.  You Can't Buy an Election

* card-carrying member of The Rent Is Too Damn High Party

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