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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Generic BRAINEATER JONES Sales Post #11

Rumors that the book are in any way based on my real life proclivities are patently untrue...
It's good to be dead!
If you've been following the blog for the last week or so, you've probably noticed a lot of links to interviews, guest posts, and reviews on my official blog tour.  But I'm always happy to write for any bloggers that are interested.  (That's 100% free content right there, kids!)  And if you'd like to review my book, you get a 100% free e-copy of BRAINEATER JONES.  Drop a line to skozeniewski (at) yahoo (dot) com if you're interested.

But if you'd like to do me a solid and buy the novel the old-fashioned way (support a starving artist and his 22 lb kitty!) you can click on either of the pictures above or here.  Or else here's the breakdown:

Barnes & Noble

I love all the support and I hate to keep hammering you all, but remember, reviews are a really important component of a book's success, so if you have gone the whole hog and actually bought (or gotten a courtesy copy) of my book, first of all, thank you, and second of all, won't you consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads?  If you're a big twitter fiend you can help me generate buzz, too, by using the hashtag #braineaterjones.

Now down to brass tacks.  The official BJ blog tour (including a $5, $10, and $20 Amazon gift certificate as prizes) is still ongoing. Today's stops were:

A 4-star review (I feel there's a pattern here...) on I'm a Voracious Reader
An abortive interview on WebbWeaver books (but don't worry!  I get to come back.)

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