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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday, Brainy Sunday

You've got red on you...

BRAINEATER JONES is one hot commodity.  As you know damn well, it's going to be more valuable than gold after the imminent apocalypse.  Stock up now by going here.  Or else here's the breakdown of vendors:

Barnes & Noble

If you bought your copy, did you leave a review on your favorite venue?  What about on Goodreads?  I'd appreciate it greatly. 

Meanwhile, the blog tour (including a $5, $10, and $20 Amazon gift certificate as prizes) is still ongoing. Today's stops were:

A nice, in-depth interview on The Indie View
I talk about the zombie genre and its possible zenith (hint: no spoilers!) on Tomes of the Soul

Oh, and lest you think that BRAINEATER himself is the only one who can rip up the internet, turns out his modest creator showed up a few places today himself:

I get a shout-out from Jeff Brackett once...
...and twice...
Oh, and I just happened to get to meet Brian Keene today, and gave him a copy of BRAINEATER JONES

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