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Monday, October 28, 2013

Something Something Something BRAINEATER JONES Something Something Complete

I'm the one who knocks...
Let me be up front here: the book's been out for two weeks now.  If you're looking at my blog you've probably bought it, and I thank you for that immensely.  I love the idea of having fans and I love all of my fans that I've had the opportunity to "meet" on FB and here on the blog. 

The next step for BJ, though, is an ad buy, and I can't get an ad buy until I have a significant number of reviews on Amazon.  There you go, kids, I let you peek behind the magical curtain of publishing.  So it's really important to me right now that whether you liked the book or you hated it, you write me a review.  Even if you didn't buy it on Amazon, you can still put a review up (it'll just note that you bought elsewhere.)  So thanks again for your support, everybody, and let's see if we can't get the Jones train moving on down the track!

That being said, if you DID just discover my blog, first of all, welcome, and second of all, I hope you'll think about buying my book by either clicking on the picture above or here.  Or else here's the breakdown of vendors:

Barnes & Noble

Want to do even more?  You can always leave a review on Goodreads.  I just saw my first fan review today, and I have to say it really made my day.  Or, if you're into twitter you can help out by using the hashtag #braineaterjones.

Are you a blogger?  Want some free content from me in the form of a guest post or an interview?  Drop a line to skozeniewski (at) yahoo (dot) com if you're interested.  And if you'd like to write a review, my publisher will provide you with a free e-copy of BRAINEATER JONES.  Just let me know!

Now that all the begging and wheedling and pleading is out of the way, let's get down to the fun stuff.  The BRAINEATER JONES blog tour is still going strong, and if you haven't checked out ANY of the folks who were kind enough to let me have a stop, you're missing out on an opportunity to win a free $20, $15, or $5 Amazon gift card, so make sure to check out at least one of them.  This past weekend's stop was:

I talk about the dream cast of the BJ movie on Erica Lucke Dean: The Official Blog

But wait! There's more! BRAINEATER JONES isn't just constrained by the bounds of his blog tour. He's popping up here. He's popping up there. And today he popped up on:

I talk about Veronica Mars and my thought on various things on What's Your Thought on That

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