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Monday, March 24, 2014

A Tribute to my UK Fans and Supporters

G'Day mates! Today we're going to take a trip across "The Pond" (aka Lake Michigan) to a land of splendor and mutton: Great Britain!

That's right, the famous British Isles. Old...Jolly. Fogerella. Richard Dawson's Creek.

The royal banner of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
or as it's more commonly known, "Fancy Ol' Queenie."

And why, pray tell are we journeying to The Big Tea Drinky? Well, that's simple my friends. Just yesterday I received the coveted double imprimatur from the British Ministry of Zombies! That's right! Both BRAINEATER JONES and THE GHOUL ARCHIPELAGO received 5-star (or as they're known in the UK, "rough dinkum") reviews.

So, first let's stop by me brand spankin' new Amazon UK Page and pick up our passports!

Our fanciful cyber-trip down the Thames starts with a visit to our good friend Louise Wise over on what I assume is the good shore! Hi, Louise! Toot toot! Wow, take a look at that double-decker bus over yonder. And don't forget to stop by the famous Tomes of the Soul while we're here in Whitechapel!

Next lets head up Norf where I unnastan they talk diffrin or sumfink so's as I Kent* (ha!) unnastan 'em, and visit our good friend aufor Guy Haley!  While we're here, why not enjoy a taste of that quintessential British delicacy, Ginger Nuts of Horror?

Next stop is the land of Irvine Welsh, haggis, and countless jokes about why Sean Connery played a Spaniard in that movie: Scotland. And while we're in the highlands, don't forget to visit friend o' the blog (or is "o'" an Irish thing?) Sharon Stevenson, whose review of TGA has set many a kilt aquiver.

And what trip to Merry Britain Town would be complete without visiting the King? Yes, that's right, I mean of course The King of Horror! God rest ye, merry gentleman!

Well, friends and compatriots, that concludes our virtual tour of our good friends (and hopefully good humored friends) in the United Kingdom. Tune in for our next culturally insensitive trip abroad when we'll be visiting Belgium!

*Yes, I'm aware Kent is in the South and that this, while gibberish, most closely resembles Cockney and not Northern. But if that was your first clue that this post was a joke, well then you, sir, may be drunk, but I'm ugly, and at least in the morning you'll be sober.

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