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Monday, March 10, 2014

It's heeeeeeeeere....

I have been tearing my hair out waiting for permission to make the official announcement:

Honest to goodness, the audiobook is like a whole new novel.  I found myself laughing at the delivery and I wrote the damn thing.  The incredible Steve Rimpici has created an extraordinary set of voices for this book.  Of particular note are:

Alcibé (who now by canon is from a "remote" part of Honduras)
The Old Man (who sounds like he's genuinely underwater)
Henk the tattooist (whose accent Jones the character never identified, but Rimpici split the difference)

But perhaps the greatest voice is that of "my father" which appears only in the foreword and is HILARIOUS.  If the trailer above wasn't enough to whet your appetite, there is an audio sample under each of the purchase links.  

The audiobook is now available from any of these fine outlets:

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