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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Spotlight: DAMN THE DEAD by Phillip Tomasso

In case you don't know, behind every professional-seeming artist such as myself there is a squeeing fan-boy or -girl.  (I imagine that when Stephen King dies and goes to Valhalla or wherever he'll fall all to pieces when he meets Lovecraft and Poe.)  And along those lines, today's guest has me truly excited and starstruck. 
I've admired Phillip Tomasso's work for years, and the fact that he would even know who I am, let alone be interested in being on my blog, is truly humbling.  Let's hear a little bit about Phil's latest novel, DAMN THE DEAD (aka your official Cyber Monday deal), and then learn a little about the man himself


DAMN THE DEAD marks the beginning of an exciting new stand-alone series from Phillip Tomasso and takes place some 3 years after the conclusion of the best-selling VACCINATION Trilogy.

Even in the heat of the zombie apocalypse, a time must come to rebuild. Charlene McKinney and her friends are on the run in the mountain ranges of North Carolina. They’ve stolen an 18 wheeler filled with food and supplies and the brutal gang they stole the vehicle from won’t give up until they get back what belongs to them.

The band of survivors stumble across Arcadia, a fortified town erected deep in a valley. There is food, shelter and electricity. Arcadia is fully functional as a community. They offer employment, have a fire department, peace officers, and a judge. The welcome sign posted by the front entrance boasts 3 simple laws for citizenship. No stealing. No fighting. No murder.

Seeking sanctuary within the walls of Arcadia seems like the perfect place to hide. But in Arcadia, if you break the law you will find yourself damned with the dead.

About Phillip Tomasso:

Phillip Tomasso is the author of 16 novels. DAMN THE DEAD is his latest release. He lives in Rochester, NY with his three children and works full time as a Fire / EMS Dispatcher for 911. While DAMN THE DEAD is the first in a new series, it is also a continuation of his Best-selling VACCINATION Trilogy.  You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and his website.

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