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Friday, April 10, 2015

BRAVE NEW GIRLS Illustration Reveal!

Everybody, take a look at this beautiful illustration for my story in BRAVE NEW GIRLS, an anthology of YA sci-fi stories in support of encouraging young girls to go into STEM careers:

This is courtesy of Adrian DeFuria, a fine young artist and all-around nice guy.

So what's going on here?  Well, I was hoping by this point that my sci-fi novel THE HYENA would've been published shortly before or around the same time as "The Keys to the Stars," which serves as a sort of prequel to that universe.  There are even a few Easter eggs in the short which will now go unappreciated until the novel finds a home. 

I'll try not to spoil the story, but this delightful creature is called a Clorofin.  The Clorofin race was not, in fact, introduced in the first HYENA novel (well, I think they may have been mentioned) but a major Clorofin character will be introduced in book two.  So the short was supposed to be both a prequel to the first novel and an introduction to a species that will become more prominent in the second.  But, of course, the short stands on its own, and I hope you all will enjoy it!

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