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Monday, September 28, 2015

Zombie Apocalypse: Could It Happen in Real Life (Guest Post)

Howdy, blogketeers!  As you (hopefully) know by now I have an open-door guest policy and pretty much anybody who's interested is welcome to come on the blog.  That being said, I usually end up having to reach out to folks to keep the guests (and the Year of Interviewing Dangerously in particular) coming.

Not so today, however!  A few weeks ago a gentleman by the name of Bryan Fuller reached out and asked if I would host a guest blog.  But of course!  And you folks out there in internetland should feel free to ask the same thing, because God knows it saves me from having to come up with content three times a week.  Now, the actual author of this guest post is Dan of Dan's Writing Services, so make sure to check him out if you're looking for someone to do a little ghostwriting work.

Now, all this is preamble to say that I think today's subject is going to be pretty exciting to all of my fans, so let's just jump right into it:

Vitoria - Graffiti & Murals 1127 01

Zombie Apocalypse: Could it Happen in Real Life?

Zombies – we have seen them in popular television shows, movies, and online games. They are often depictions of horror in ways more than one. The way they look and the way they act can make you cower in freight and scream because of fear. For many, however, zombies are nothing but fictional characters from creative geniuses. Nonetheless, it is important to note that if you are just going to look at various evidences, there is a way proves how a zombie apocalypse can indeed happen in real life. Although it is hard to imagine, there is a possibility that their infestation can ruin the world where we live in. Keep on reading and learn more about some of the things that support claims on their possible assault to our civilisation. 

Mad Cow Disease 

This is perhaps one of the most significant factors that can possibly give rise to the catastrophe that will be brought by zombies in our real world. Also known as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, this refers to a virus that damages the nervous system of a cow. With this attack, the cow resorts into acting in a weird manner and shows uncontrollable behaviour. It is a parasite that can be transferred in humans through the consumption of meat. 

Toxoplasmosa gondii

Also known as brain parasites, scientific studies in the past have shown how such is evident in rats. Being infected with such alters the behaviour of rats. Meaning, if they use to stay away from cats, once they have been infiltrated with this virus, they become braver and tend to attack cats rather than stay away from them. Humans and rats are not that much different. This explains why rats are used in testing medications. Therefore, a virus that infests them can also infect us, and this is another risk that can lead into the potential of zombie infestation. 


While we have a lot to be thankful with technology because of what it does to our life, it can also be destructive as it has the potential to lead into a zombie apocalypse. Recently, scientists have developed microscopic robots that can practically destroy anything. It is believed that in the future, scientists can design such robots that will infiltrate human brain and will alter the way it works, possibly turning us into zombies. 


Neurotoxins are poisonous to humans and can impede our bodily functions in ways more than one. A well-known source of such poison is the Japanese blowfish. Once the toxin is ingested, you can be considered as dead. Nonetheless, there are drugs that can be used for your revival, but you will typically be in a trance state and will have an absence of memory. Technically, it may not lead into an apocalypse, but it can be used to turn humans into zombies. In Haiti, which is asserted to be where zombies started, it is believed to have happened with a man who died in 1962 and later seen wandering in a local village.

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