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Monday, February 20, 2017

Women in Horror Month #9: Nikki Howard, Reviewer and Owner of Horror After Dark

Whenever I have a new release, the first person I go to for a review is today's guest.  She runs hands-down one of the best horror review sites in the world. She doesn't pull any punches, not even for her friends' books, (which is a shame because I'm glad to also call her a friend.)  Her unwaveringly honest review style has earned her the nickname "The Panther" among those of us who know her.  I look forward to introducing her to the rest of you today.

About Nikki Howard:

I love to read, buy books, watch movies, search for more books, game a little, and buy more books. I also make candles and wax melts.

Since I love books, I decided to promote them on my site Horror After Dark.  (Yup, you guessed it. Horror and stuff) with an awesome team.

Authors, feel free to contact me through the site for your promotional needs.

Mother to one son.
Business Owner: Captivate Candle Co.
Reader of many books
Motto: Do Better Be Better

You can find me here, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


SK:  What are your horror credentials?

NH:  I'm the owner of Horror After Dark which is a blog dedicated to the darker stuff. I own over 3,000 books and review whenever possible. I'm a member of Goodreads and  a member of Netgalley and other book clubs.

SK:  Who or what terrifies you?

NH:  I don't scare easily. I'm all about atmosphere. Those almost imperceptible sounds that your mind questions. A flash of someone or something in your peripheral vision. The description of blood and your hand scrabbles for purchase after a fall. Yeah, those are the things that creep me out.

SK:  Are there unique challenges to being a woman in horror or do you feel like gender is irrelevant?

NH:  I don't feel like there's a problem with me being a woman because I am basically spreading the word for all authors so that puts me at an advantage. You want reviews and sales? Well, that's what my team and I do. It doesn't matter if you're a woman or not as long as you get the job done. However, I do see that women, in movies and books are outnumbered. Where are all the ladies at?

SK:  Who are your favorite female horror icons?

NH:  Hmm. I love Mary SanGiovanni's work and I always recommend her first. Then there's Anne Rice (THE WITCHING HOUR), Tanith Lee (THE BOOK OF THE DEAD), Sarah Pinborough (FEEDING GROUND), Monica J. O'Rourke (IN THE END, ONLY DARKNESS.)

As far as the big screen when I think horror, Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver, "Alien") comes to mind first. Linda Blair in "The Exorcist" makes her a memorable lady. And of course, Jamie Lee Curtis ("Halloween") who took her babysitting job seriously.

SK:  What are you working on/promoting currently?  Why should folks check it out?

NH:  Next on my reading roster is CHAOS by Mary. You don't want to miss anything she writes. It always help when the author or actress is a nice person.

About Horror After Dark:

Horror After Dark is one of the top horror review sites in the world.

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