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Monday, January 22, 2018

Across the Board

Hey everybody!

I just got finished posting the mother of all blogposts over on my group blog Across the Board.  And it was great.  It was about writing.  It could have been a "Making the Sausage" post here on Manuscripts Burn.  It was also talking about something I've never done before: collaborating in a writers room.

It was so good, in fact, that I was halfway tempted to just copy and paste it here.  And...technically I could have.  Our rule at the group blog is that cross-posting is allowed.  But I also didn't want to.  For one thing, it felt cheap.  It felt lazy.  And I don't want to be lazy with Manuscripts Burn this year.  I did enough of that last year and watched my stats tumble from "finally getting to be a tastemaker" all the way back to "damn, son, you started a blog?"

So, instead, I'm just going to write something brief encouraging you to go follow Across the Board if you haven't already.  You do know how to follow on Blogger, right?  Every blog has a widget with a series of pictures of all of that blog's followers.  If you have a Google Plus account (you probably do, and if you use Gmail you definitely do) you can just click the "Follow" button to join the fun.  (Or, to make it easier, you can click this link for ATB or here for Manuscripts Burn.)

If you click on the label Steve you can see all of my posts.  But you really shouldn't just do that.  We have an incredibly diverse cross-section of writers and readers and they all have great perspectives on all sorts of things.  It's not like this blog, with me just yammering at you all the time.

(Oh, and BTW, one of the simultaneously freakiest and funniest horror stories I ever wrote is over on ATB here.  See the kind of gems you might be missing out on?)

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