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Friday, January 19, 2018

Biggest Events of 2017

Maybe it's because 2017 was the first year I drew a profit at this writing endeavor, or maybe it was something else, but I feel a lot like I'm at a turning point in my career.  So I thought it might be nice in early (er, mid-) January to stop and reflect on the year that was.  So here's some of the big, some of the small, and some of the amazing stuff that happened to me in 2017:

14.)  Attended Farpoint, Carlisle High School Sci-Fi Day, Scares That Care, Shore Leave, the Red Lion Street Fair, and Chessiecon

13.)  Appeared on "The Horror Show With Brian Keene" for a round-table discussion on working for exposure

12.)  Had my first short to appear in a magazine, "Tuesday's Dead" published in "Unnerving."

11.)  Released audiobooks for BILLY AND THE CLONEASAURUS and THE GHOUL ARCHIPELAGO, my first self-published work.

10.)  Had my short story "Deep into that Dark One Peering" accepted in CLICKERS FOREVER


8.)  Appeared on "The Horror Show With Brian Keene" for an episode focused on THE HEMATOPHAGES, where Brian names it the best book of the year

7.)  Completed my first collaboration, SLASHVIVOR! with Stevie Kopas, concluding my four-book deal with Sinister Grin Press.

6.)  Had my short story "All Dolled Up" accepted in WHISPERS OF THE APOC.

5.)  Got a blurb from Stephen Graham Jones for SLASHVIVOR!

4.)  Had a review of THE HEMATOPHAGES appear in Analog.

3.)  The release of CLICKERS FOREVER marks my first inclusion in a limited edition or a hardcover.

2.)  Appeared on a panel at Chessiecon with legendary comic writer Scott Edelman.

1.)  Had THE HEMATOPHAGES named the #4 book of the year by Bryan Smith

How about you?  What were some of your biggest accomplishments and achievements in 2017?  What are you hoping to get done this year?

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