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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Women in Horror Month 9 FAQ

Hey everybody!  October, a.k.a. "Horror Christmas" is, naturally, my favorite month of the year.  But it's almost February, my second favorite month of the year.

And why is February my favorite month of the year?  Because every year I get to showcase a bunch of great horror industry professionals.  That's right, it's Women in Horror Month!  The 9th year, in fact.

Starting February 2, and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday thereafter (including a special bonus President's Day interview on Across the Board on the 19th) I'll be interviewing thirteen of the finest ladies working in the field.  But first, let's look at some commonly asked questions.

Q:  Why don't you interview women every other month of the year?

A:  I do!  Feel free to get in touch any old time if you're interested in being featured on the blog, regardless of gender.

Q:  Isn't it dismissive and parochial for you to have a month focused on women, as though they don't normally count?

A:  I'm of the mindset that affirmative action is required to combat pervasive institutional bigotry and misogyny.  In other words, yes, that means favoring groups which have been historically discriminated against, such as women.

Q:  No, but I mean isn't it dismissive and parochial for you to participate in this as a wealthy, white, cisgendered male?

A:  Maybe.  I've been very fortunate to be born who I was in the time period I was born in.  And it is my sincere belief that it is the responsibility of those who have to share with those who don't.  If I have a disproportionately strong platform just because of who I am, then you can be damn sure I'm going to use that platform to celebrate traditionally marginalized voices.  I'd rather be accused of trying too hard than of sitting on my hands.

Q:  Your answers make you sound like a PC-thug SJW.

A:  If you're the type of person who genuinely thinks "social justice" is a bad thing, then I don't really give a shit what you think of me, WiHM, or anything, really.

Q:  I have some further arguments against WiHM...

A:  All right, let me stop you right there.  I think overall WiHM is a respectful, well-meaning, positive celebration.  If you happen to personally not want to participate, I'm not going to force you.  Everyone involved has volunteered their time, and yes, I've invited people who have respectfully declined for some of the reasons we've discussed above.  But if you've heard me admit that the event is a little hokey, maybe a little controversial, but overall a bit of harmless fun, and you're still arguing with me, then I think you may just be a knuckle-dragger or a troll.

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