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Friday, February 2, 2018

Women in Horror Month #1: Suzanne Madron, Author of FOR SALE OR RENT

Hey everybody!  Welcome to Women in Horror Month 9!  Our inaugural post for this year's interview series is someone who I met at Scares That Care IV in 2017 when she gave a dramatic reading of Ralph Bieber's dramatic reading.  I'm delighted to introduce to you a hugely prolific writer and fascinating person, Suzanne Madron!  Let's meet her briefly and then jump right into the interview.

About Suzanne Madron:

Suzanne Madron was born in New York City and has lived up and down the east coast. Currently, she resides in a house built on a Civil War battlefield in the wilds of south-central Pennsylvania where she has been known to host some interesting Halloween parties.

She has authored several novels and stories under various names including Suzi M, James Glass, and Xircon.

You can find her on Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter.


SK: How are you involved in the world of horror?

SM:  I am a writer primarily, with background experience in film and art.

SK: Who or what terrifies you?

SM:  Clowns, though I'm getting better about that.

SK: Are there unique challenges to being a woman in horror or do you feel like gender is irrelevant? 

SM:  There are definitely challenges, mostly the preconceived notion that women wouldn't know enough about "horror" to be able to successfully write horror. Meanwhile, we live in a society where women walk out the door with weaponized keyrings, ready for an attempted assault on a daily basis, knowing we're on our own to save ourselves should it arise - and statistics show us that it's not a matter of if but when it will happen.

SK: Who are your favorite female horror icons?

SM:  Ann Radcliffe, Bette Davis, Sigourney Weaver, Lily Munster, Elvira, and Morticia Addams.

SK: What are you working on/promoting currently?

Working on:

I'm currently working on the fifth book in the IMMORTAL WAR Series as well as a short story for an anthology and the fourth book of the METATRON MYSTERIES (written as James Glass).



SK: Why should folks check it out?

If you're in the market for some new reads: my stories run the gamut from literary speculative fiction to gives-you-nightmares horror (as was the case with my long short story FOR SALE OR RENT. Everyone who read it messaged me to either praise me or yell at me for scaring them to the point they couldn't sleep. My work here is done).

The IMMORTAL WAR series deals with a truly messed-up bizarre love quadrilateral between vampires, an angel, and a Titan. Yeah, I know, vampires, they're so undead. These ones are a bit different, though. They're ancient Greco-Roman deities.

APOCRYPHA OF THE APOCALYPSE is a bit of a sampler with some flash pieces and the novella "The Lazarus Stone" [Conspiracy Edit] included.

MIDDLETOWN APOCALYPSE 3 is a collection of a single zombie story told by different authors. My story "One Last Night on the Stigmata Tour" is sharing a TOC with the likes of Jaime JohneseeJay WilburnEric ShelmanRebecca Besser, and Chuck Buda, to name a few.

SHADOWS OVER MAIN STREET 2 contains my story "The Water Shed" and also features stories from Joe Lansdale, C.W. LaSart, Eden Royce, Damien Angelica Walters, and many more.



The house across the street seems to go on the market every few months, but this time nothing about the sale is normal, including the new owners. No sooner has the for sale sign come down and the neighborhood is thrown into a Lovecraftian nightmare and the only way to find out is to attend the house warming party.

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  1. Very cool! Looking forward to For Sale; right up my alley :)


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