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Monday, February 19, 2018

Women in Horror Month #8: Suzanne Robb, Author of BY MIDNIGHT

Hello, all, and welcome back!  I've known today's guest for several years, and I was ashamed to realize I hadn't yet had her on the blog.  Well, today we'll unfuck that.  I'm very pleased to introduce the talented Lego-enthusiast and author Suzanne Robb!  Let's meet her briefly then jump right into the interview.

About Suzanne Robb:

Suzanne Robb is the author of DEAD BY MIDNIGHT, APOCALYPSE BY MIDNIGHT, the Z-BOAT trilogy published by Permuted Press, and CONTAMINATED published by Severed Press. She is an Active member of the ITW. In her free time she reads, watches movies, plays with her dog, and enjoys chocolate and LEGOs.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and her website.


SK: How are you involved in the world of horror?

SR:  Right now, I am involved in the world of horror via the books I have written, and to some extent the ones I write now. I also try to keep up with the books my friends put out and, of course, watch movies.

SK: Who or what terrifies you?

SR:  That's tough. All the usual things scare me: dentist, zombies in real life, 80's hairstyles, and expired yogurt. But, what really gets me is sharks, scare the crap out of me. Oh yeah, and world leaders joking about nuclear arsenals puts me on edge.

SK: Are there unique challenges to being a woman in horror or do you feel like gender is irrelevant?

SR:  A few years back, I was asked this question. Sadly, my answer is still the same. I see so many challenges for women in horror. Grab an anthology and look at the names in the table of contents, mostly if not all men. Men's books tend to be promoted a lot more heavily than women's are, and are more predominant. And still, there are men that get upset we even have a women in horror month. I think that until we get to a time where women are recognized more often and people do not have to wrack their brains for the name of a female writer they like, Women in Horror Month is a must.

SK: Who are your favorite female horror icons?

Icons? Tough, again, I am assuming you are speaking writing wise. I love Angela Carter,
 Shirley Jackson, Patricia Highsmith, and Joyce Carol Oates.

Their story telling is amazing. Of course, I have to mention a couple of friends as well here - Emma Ennis, an Irish writer than has a knack for sucking you into a story within the first few paragraphs. Nancy Holder who is just awesome on every level.

SK: What are you working on/promoting currently? Why should folks check it out?

SR:  Currently, I am working on an urban fantasy/paranormal/humor/horror mash-up series. The series name is BY MIDNIGHT, and the books are titled 
DEAD BY MIDNIGHT and APOCALYPSE BY MIDNIGHT. Book 3 comes out later this year. They cover most of the bases writing wise and are a lot of fun. I flip mythology over and do a what if scenario when it comes to werewolves in the first book. I think people should check it out only if they want something a bit quirky and not the standard fare when it comes to mythology. And of course if people like a good laugh.



What happens when you bite a wolf back on the night of the full moon?

After Zach Harris is attacked by a wolf, the most bizarre consequence isn't that the police suspect he's the serial killer… or that he's growing hair in funny places, wants to mark his territory and chase rabbits…not even that he's falling for Lucy Lane, a tenacious reporter who can expose his secret. What is truly strange is the wolf who bit him now turns into a man during the full moon.

Sucked into a murder investigation, Zach races against the clock while the Moonlight Killer taunts the police. As the pickled body parts pile up and one of Logansville’s finest goes missing, Zach forms a strange alliance to avoid life in prison orange, catch the real murderer, and try to save the woman he loves.

“Suzanne Robb is a natural storyteller. With Dead by Midnight, she has developed into the kind of writer whose work, in all of its addictive glory, will be called “effortless,” Pat Shand (Robyn Hood)

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