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Monday, September 13, 2010

A Fistful of Zombies 19

Cut back to the present. Closeup on Denver, haunted by the memories of his wife.


Denver looks up.


You were a thousand miles away.

Denver looks down at his remaining bullets, laid out before him. Some have crosses carved into them. He picks one up and begins carving a cross into it.

Sorry, just picking cotton, I suppose.

Taylor and Bernardo are also carving crosses into their bullets. Miguel kisses each of his shotgun shells and makes the sign of the cross over it. Chapelle comes up with a canteen full of water and hands it to Vazquez. Vazquez begins to bless the water. Miguel holds out a pistol to Chapelle. Chapelle pushes it away.

Thank you, I don’t like firearms. The only weapon I like to employ is this one.

Chapelle points at his head. Miguel shrugs.

Your funeral.

Hold out your weapons.

The four gunfighters hold out their weapons towards Vazquez.

May God forgive me for this.

Vazquez sprinkles the weapons with holy water and blesses them.

Now we’re holy warriors.

Come on, let’s find the army.

I’m afraid we’ll have to go through town for that.

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