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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An interesting little contest...

...And I do mean "little" in the sense of diminutive, not in any demeaning way. So here Ms. Chanelle Gray announces a Twitter-sized contest, so a pitch in 140 characters, which is how long (theoretically) your elevator pitch should be. (Not your query and not your synopsis and...gah, it's complicated. If you meet an agent or a publisher in an elevator, you're supposed to be able to hook them in, I think it's 11 seconds. Because no one has an attention span longer than that anymore. Because of Twitter. Hmm. How cyclical. Like the Skeksis and the Mystics.)

Anyhoot, I wasn't going to enter this contest because it seemed that I had heard about it too late, based on the initial requirement that we had to somehow (magically?) post a blog link before the contest began. But, luckily, there are very few fey left in the world, and most of those aren't querying authors, and the ones that are can just use "charm person" on their agents anyway, so Ms. Gray kindly rescinded the ex post facto requirement here.

So, why does this affect you? Well, first of all, as you may have gathered, your favorite blog-o-teer has recently joined the dark side and begun "twatting" I think it's called. (More on that later.) Second, what are you a moron? It's a writing contest. Jesus, do I have to draw you people a map? Enter it. Or, actually, on second thought, don't. Raises my probability of winning. Yes, in fact, don't enter it.

Anyway, wondering what brilliant work in progress your beloved MC is going to be entering? You have, in fact, seen portions of it on this blog before, and more importantly this brilliant bit of artwork, from (fake) in-house artist, Greg. Oh, that's right, kids. The second-most high concept idea in history is getting the Twitter treatment. Curses! If only Snakes on a Plane wasn't already taken.

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