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Monday, December 31, 2012

Manuscripts Burns's Top 12 Posts of 2012!

In an idea inspired by Chihuahua Zero's blog post here I've decided to bring you not just the top ten rated posts of the year, but the top TWELVE rated posts of the past year. 

12.  YOU DECIDE!!!!™ (Prologue) - this is my 200,000 word Romney/Obama slash fiction novel

11.  Fifty Shades of Copyright Grey Area - a thorough debunking of the myth that oncology recapitalizes philately

10.  Bar Mitts (Vah) - a lengthy, Die Hard III-style series of practical riddles that, once entered upon, inevitably results in the reader's cold, painful death

9.  "Pre" posterous - at long last I reveal my true identity: Automobile von Bismarck

8.  Serial Commas...YOU DECIDE!!!™ - it's just a link to Facebook

7.  Maverick, LCSW (p. 1) - two columns get into quite a...row.  Get it?  Get it?

6.  Double-Spaced Sentences...YOU DECIDE!!!™ - when a firefight breaks out between two Salvation Army bell ringers on opposite sides of the street, only a mannequin brought to life by an ancient Egyptian curse can reinvent rock and roll

5.  Why I Hate Bangs Redux: Why Everyone Should Hate Bangs - Kevin Bacon

4.  THE NOVEL HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD - Page 1 - a seven hour video of me masturbating for six minutes set on a loop

3.  Watch out for my ROOOOOOOOOOOTS!!! - all the lyrics to Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" written in reverse

2.  Weasel Words - free iPads!

And finally (drumroll please) the highest rated Manuscripts Burn post, not just of 2012, not just of the 21st century, but (Ima let you finish, Taylor) the greatest of ALL TIME...

1.  Why I Hate Bangs - William Hung's autobiography, in limerick form


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