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Sunday, December 15, 2013


So, earlier this year I met one of my favorite writers, winner of the Bram Stoker Award and author of THE RISING, Brian Keene.  I wrote a guest blog about it on Fang-tastic Books, so you can read the whole tale there, but long story short I gave Keene a signed copy of BRAINEATER JONES and he promised to read it.

I won't lie: I assumed it was an empty promise.  I mean, this is a big-time horror author.  I imagine people walk up to Sir Mix-a-Lot all the time trying to hand him copies of their demo tapes, too.  (I apologize if that reference is dated.  My knowledge of popular music ends in 1992.)  I just appreciated that Keene said he'd read it to placate me, much like I assume those randos who get a "Yeah, definitely!" from Mix don't keep watching as he tosses their tape into the next public phone booth.

Kind of got off topic there for a second.  Anyway, I went on Goodreads today and saw that Keene had, in fact, rated BRAINEATER JONES with 4 stars!  A solid review from anyone, but coming from a horror legend (and the guy who inspired me to start writing zombfic), you know, it means more.

So for a couple hours today I was elated.  Then I saw Keene's website and I realized there was a reason why he had waited until today to rate BJ, when presumably he had finished it a few months ago.


Let me repeat that in somewhat clipped English just so that it sinks in:

Brian Keene...BRAINEATER JONES...#12 in the universe this year?

If it's tl for you to not dr, then just read #7 where I am mentioned, and then skip down to #12 where I FUCKING BEAT STEPHEN KING'S DOCTOR SLEEP.  What's that all about?  I mean, I heard it was disappointing,  Just, wow. 

Anyway, as Keene noted in his intro, he read 151 books this year, and he knows most of the people in the horror publishing it's not like this is just fuckin' around talk here.  Anyway, I'm floating on cloud 9.  If I was ever waiting for street cred, I think this pretty much cements it.  Thanks for all your support, everybody!


  1. That is...completely...AWESOME!!!! Congrats, Stephen! I hope you celebrate big tonight. =)

    1. He he, thanks! I appreciate it. I might just have a sip of Old Crow to celebrate, since you suggested it. ;)


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