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Sunday, May 3, 2009


So, here's the situation. During "Eternity Burning" I tried to break up the long periods of text with multimedia events (usually videos, but occasionally pictures, songs, or what have you) at the end of each chapter. At first it was fine because most chapters took about 5-7 days to post. It got grueling, though, once we got into a lot of the chapters that were only one part. There were times when I had to do an event every other day (which accounts for a lot of the Mario videos and stupid pictures.)

Now that I've been updating "TTROTB-M!!!" which is a script that doesn't have chapter breaks I haven't done any multimedia events except for special occasions like April Fool's and the contest "winner." This is a lot easier workload especially considering this blog is nothing more than a labor of love. However I think some people may still enjoy the occasional video.

Here's what I'm considering, starting this week. If I post a Multimedia Event once a week, say on Sunday, regardless of what kind of material I post the other 6 days I would have enough time to (theoretically) create a decent product without burning myself out and there would still be a little bit of a break from all the endless lines of text.

So, the interwebs being a place for the free exchange of ideas, etc., etc. I've posted a poll where you, the heroes, can express your opinion on the matter. Is Multimedia a waste of time, the best part of the blog, or something that needs to find a happy medium? Let me know what you think and I assure you that, just like in a representative democracy, your choice won't affect the outcome one way or the other, but at least you'll have the illusion of being part of the decision-making process.


  1. America wants the Multimedia Events, and we wants them now!

  2. Your wish is our...wait, what?


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