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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Eternity Burning: Chapter 1, Part 6

Victory woke up and gasped for air. He gently eased himself out of bed and walked over to where he had thrown his briefcase. There was still a rhythmic pattering of rain outside that calmed him. It was the dead of night.

He pulled out his day planner. Extracting his pen and flipping to the note pages that served as his journal, he began scribbling. Below the date, he wrote:

Accosted after work today. Bum. I feel bad now – made him cry. Too tired and annoyed to feel bad before. Been thinking. Employment is big problem in America. Need some kind of organization to combat it. Unions are too small. Too limited. Need to make a sort of super-Union. Everyone should work – very important. Slept at Dina’s tonight. Just woke up with this thought. Wanted to write it down before I lost it.

Yawning, Victory closed the book and replaced the pen. He was glad he’d been able to turn the thought into paper before he had forgotten it. It would be something he’d have to work on. He crawled back into bed and slept much easier.

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