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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Eternity Burning: Chapter 3, Part 5

Ben Goldberg lowered his hand. A shiver of excitement ran through him. He was a part of something. Something that was going to be big. Victory, the guy who had sworn him in, had made it abundantly clear how small the Fellowship was right now. Still, Ben could tell that it was going to be huge. It had a certain universal appeal.

That Victory seemed a little downtrodden. He seemed like a nice, honest Fellow. It seemed odd that he looked so haggard at this point. Had Ben known that Victory had been trying to recruit people all weekend for almost five weeks now and had only managed to actually get a few people, he might have explained Vic's appearance.

"I have a friend at work who would probably be interested in joining," Ben said.

Victory brightened up a little.

"Well, that's great, Ben. I think I've gotten enough support to have a meeting. We’ll be working on planning and organizing for the future of the Fellowship. If you can bring your friend there, that would be great."


"I'm planning on holding it at 7:30 next Sunday at Ganyu Yovkov's house."

"How do I get there?" Ben asked.

"I have your number. I'll call you with directions."

"All right. I'll keep that date free. Good bye."

And with that, Ben left the park.

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